So much has been written about weight loss and the methods that make you lose as many pounds as you dream in a week, a month, or two months. And more books and methods are still being written. In each case, specialists comment on the latest research, thanks to which we will finally become the dream version of ourselves. But most often it turns out in practice that it’s not that simple.

The method is simple, but it doesn’t work. Applying all the rules does not translate into visual effects. Disappointment, resignation and aversion arise. Most often this happens when the method promises the proverbial willow pears. After all, no method will allow them to miraculously evaporate unnecessary kilos. Usually it happens through hard work, pouring liters of sweat, painstakingly following the rules, and long months of working on your body. But does it always have to be this way? Is there not a relatively simple and convenient method of losing weight that respects both our time and the body’s limitations? One that is not based on the latest research, but takes a holistic approach. One that draws on past proven actions, but is not orthodox. On the contrary – it is modern, easy, understandable and practical.

There doesn’t seem to be a combination of all these opposites, and yet there is one good solution. A new approach that combines tradition and modernity. Most importantly, this method is made for people like you. People who know what they want and are determined to change, but do not want to fixate themselves on the next nutritional, sports, exercise or mental revolution.

Candoo weight loss method – specific tools and effects
For all those who think they’ve tried everything, we have good news. The Candoo Program is a method that can and must be adapted to your lifestyle. It is based on simple principles, gives specific tools on the way of losing weight, and above all, it works in an understandable way – thanks to a one-day fast.

The famous American precursor of dietetics had a saying: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar.” Isn’t that true? First, eat well to have the strength to start the day, then in the middle of the day provide the body with another solid portion of nutrients, and in the evening, possibly a small snack to calm the body down before going to bed. This is what Adelle Davis thought more than half a century ago, and her words are still very relevant today. Nutritionists, psycho-dieters, trainers, and psychologists who developed a novel diet program called Candoo took her advice to heart, but didn’t stop there. They have creatively developed this principle in a thoughtful, comfortable way to sue extra pounds.

The very name of the program in this case is not just a play on words. It suggests that this is a diet that you can easily implement without preparation and effort. You CAN DO it. The assumptions are that you stick to your meals, but gradually eliminate harmful elements, especially sugars. You really eat what you like. With time, you start choosing healthier and healthier products, giving up some of them, and re-introducing others – you make conscious and thoughtful choices out of concern for your health. This approach means that you remain a free person all the time in the process of losing weight. You manage this process and how intensely you implement the nutrition and physical activity plan created for you.

healthy eating tips

Everything is simple and possible with the Candoo Program
The whole concept of the program is supported by products and recipes, according to which you can make nutritious cocktails for yourself. None of the people who choose this method are left alone to the fate of incomprehensible rules, rules and exercises. In order to better explain the method, a book has been written detailing the “what you eat” Candoo. All this, in turn, will effectively affect your health and weight as well as improve metabolism and help burn the accumulated fat tissue. During weight loss, you will learn how the body and its individual systems work. You will learn what signals your body sends you when you are hungry, for example. You will see that hunger is not always a cry for food. Observing yourself and recognizing all stimuli will help you better understand your own body.

Most programs emphasize a strict diet and strenuous workouts. Sweat and tears are the basis of military training, but when losing kilograms, you can do without methods straight from the Middle Ages. With Candoo, there’s no need to adapt or control. Candoo doesn’t give you a restrictive trail, just a good azimuth. How much you walk on any given day is entirely up to you. In addition, not only the body gets a set of practical tips, but also the psyche, which does not require constant activity and functioning in combat mode.
To sum up, Candoo will help to take care of good physical and mental condition, but most of all it will take care of your dream figure. It will not be necessary to give up your favorite dishes or any dietary pressure. Only free choice and slow habit correction. It all depends on you. You will reach the goal in small steps. As a consequence, you will get long-term health benefits.