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Program Candoo Advantages and Benefits

Find out more about the benefits of the Candoo Program

Candoo Program

Candoo Program is first and foremost


  • A comprehensive approach to weight loss
  • Simple and easy-to-implement rules
  • Shaping proper eating habits
  • Flexible strategy tailored to your lifestyle
  • A method developed by experienced nutritionists and trainers
  • A motivating method thanks to practical and proven principles
The speed at which the program is introduced is up to you


You can eat whatever you want. You can also start introducing healthy habits with one meal a day, and our eating plans will help. It is up to you to what extent you will use them.
Candoo and its liquid diet suppresses the appetite and speeds up the metabolism.


The fiber contained in the cocktails recommended in this slimming method makes our appetite smaller, and on the other hand, our metabolism speeds up. This way, it is easier to lose weight.
Candoo does not require a lot of physical effort


Most diets are based on demanding principles where physical activity is key. In our method, the most important thing is comfort, safety and weight loss effectiveness.
Candoo is partly based on the concept of light fasting


One of the latest studies has proven that non-radical fasting is safe and increases the body's immunity, lowers body weight, and improves well-being.

Improving your relationship with food

Candoo, through its process spread over a long time, directly influences the change of eating habits and thus changes your relationship with food.


No backbreaking exercises

Candoo Program was created so that you do not tire yourself with heavy exercises. The innovative system is based on the convenience and adaptation of the program to each other.


Thanks to this, we easily and effectively lose weight by acquiring new good habits.