Losing weight shouldn’t keep us awake at night. Losing weight can be really simple and effective, and we don’t need exhausting exercise and heroism to change habits. It is enough to have the right program and an intelligent formula adapted to your own rhythm.

This was the starting point for the creators of the Candoo Program. It was experienced nutrition specialists who developed this method with “normal” people in mind. Those who do not plan a backbreaking effort at the gym, but want to go through the weight loss process without frustrating sacrifices and without changing their daily schedule by 180 degrees.

Thanks to Candoo, you can forget about suffering, discouragement and anguish. This program will allow you to maintain positive thinking and well-being, as well as the necessary motivation and mental strength. In this way, you will not only notice a lower weight result, but also improve your body’s immunity, giving you the chance to live a longer and healthier life.

Candoo Program – what is it and why it works so effectively
Taking part in the program is the first step towards serious success. Making an informed decision makes our brain adjust to meet the challenge and the program becomes an effective tool.
Even if our motivation slows down a bit during the program, the requirements are not that difficult. The intelligent formula has been thought out to make it easier to apply the rules every day. No suffering, no drastic sacrifices, no rigor, no sweat or tears. We can start right away.

3: 3: 1 – the simple rules of the Candoo Program
Even people who are not highly motivated can benefit from the program. The key assumption of 3: 3: 1 is not only about how the program works, but also about the mode in which the body will function best. Thanks to the use of this mode, you can achieve measurable health benefits related to our weight.

Let’s start with the basic “golden rule” that makes it just work.

3: 3: 1 applies to both nutrition and exercise. In short, it means that for the first 3 days we eat normally, slowly introducing new nutrition rules. The next 3 days we eliminate sugars and give up dinner, replacing it with a tasty and nutritious fiber cocktail. It affects the acceleration of metabolism, fat burning and the reduction of appetite.

The last part of “1” is Candoo Booster. Under this name, there is a special, not very demanding fasting based on a fiber cocktail that we drink twice a day. The absorption of food in liquid form is very beneficial for our body, as it allows you to digest individual nutrients much faster. They are also easier to digest. What is equally important, the intestines are not irritated here, so cocktails can be taken by people who suffer from diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract.

A comprehensive program created in this way is a new approach to weight loss and can be used by people of all ages, regardless of gender and starting weight. Most importantly, the Candoo Program can and must be adapted to one’s own lifestyle so as not to introduce a revolution to everyday life. It depends on us when we choose the days and how the whole process will go. In order to assimilate all the knowledge about Candoo, a book written in plain and understandable language has been developed. It contains all the aids and tips, which makes the method not a complicated diet that works in a miraculous way. It is an effective and safe program to lose weight and improve your well-being and health. By introducing it into your life and reading about it, you will learn why it works and why it is becoming more and more popular.

Why even a one-day fast is so effective
The results of many studies have provided detailed evidence that fasting mobilizes energy stored in the adipose tissue of the human body. Scientists have confirmed that the metabolism switches from glucose consumption to fats and ketones, causing many beneficial effects. In the study, the metabolic transformation was documented by the constant presence of ketone bodies in the urine. As a result, fasting leads to significant weight loss, a reduction in abdominal circumference, and a reduction in blood cholesterol and lipids. Moreover, fasting also normalizes blood pressure and affects sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin levels. The vast majority of respondents do not feel hungry during such fasting, because it is not extreme. Additionally, after introducing the Candoo method, you can feel satisfied with this decision and pride in persevering in your decision.

The responses to the Candoo Program have been extremely encouraging and positive
People who adapted this method to their lives saw visible reactions in just a few weeks. First of all, each of them appreciated that Candoo does not require great sacrifices. Some people have used the Candoo Program not so much for a desire to lose weight as for control and routine. There are people who want to have a healthy eating plan that positively affects their daily functioning. By the way, of course, they threw a few kilos, but the greatest joy was the possibility of introducing the nutritional order into their lives.