A slim figure is usually associated with strenuous exercises and demands that are difficult to meet. If with the eyes of the soul you see yourself slim, but the path to your dream shapes leads through torment – read carefully. It turns out that there is a way to get a healthy figure without a strict diet and strenuous workouts. You don’t have to deny yourself your favorite products, replacing them with those that are not tasty but healthy. Discover the weight loss method that has been created for people like you. Simple and effective rules, with zero stress and a minimum amount of effort. Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself.

How to get a lower weight result thanks to the Candoo Program
This method is as simple as the associations it makes: “I can do it”. Such a positive approach is a good introduction to achieving appropriate health goals and, consequently, weight loss. The Candoo Program is based on people’s daily needs, taking our weaknesses into account. We can call it a professional guide who teaches healthy eating habits. So what is it going with?

The program combines dietary recommendations with undemanding physical activity. Its key assumption is the ability to adjust it to your own lifestyle. This is not just an advertising gimmick, because the 3: 3: 1 rule that we follow has been created so that it can be introduced according to yourself.

Changes in the scope of your current nutrition are implemented in accordance with your pace and capabilities. If you need more time for one of the stages, there is nothing to prevent you from doing so. How does it look in practice?

3: 3: 1 – simple rules
Even those who are unmotivated can benefit from this program. It was based on an intelligent formula that allows you to obtain maximum results with little effort. There is also no need to prepare in any way to participate in it.
3: 3: 1 – these three numbers are not a magic formula, but a description of how the program works. For three days we eat normally, slowly introducing new nutrition rules, the next three days we eliminate sugars by using a nutritious protein shake and drinking water, and the last number 1 is an unusual one-day fast. The point is not to eat nothing all day, but to limit yourself to the two meals you receive as part of the program. These meals are a proprietary supplement used twice a day. Most importantly – you can adjust the individual stages to your own life, and the program will still bring health benefits.

This comprehensive method is a proven approach to weight loss and can be used by anyone of any age, regardless of gender and starting weight.

healthy eating tips

Physical activity in the program
The same applies to exercises. As you know, physical activity improves our well-being, improves oxygenation, and speeds up metabolism. This, in turn, affects the faster digestion of consumed food and fat burning. By adding physical activity to your daily routine, the program will not only be more effective, but you will notice its effects sooner. Of course, as in the case of the 3: 3: 1 rule, follow your own abilities when introducing exercises. Customize the program to suit you, not the other way around. In this way, jumping on a new, healthy track will not be a revolution in your life, but a reasonable evolution. Act in harmony with yourself and at your own pace – only in this way will you go further, without sacrifice or discouragement.

Why does the Candoo Program work?
The method based on short fasting is effective, and at the same time it does not pose great difficulties in its implementation. What is its effectiveness? The evolutionary approach explains that as long as we have enough food, our bodies are focused on growth, coexistence and reproduction. Nature has no long-term plans for us. On the other hand, when we start fasting, the body experiences a shock. Signals are flowing to the brain urging us to hunt for food. If we do not do this, the body recognizes that another famine in history has happened – one of many that our ancestors in history have endured.

When you’re hungry, there’s no reason to waste your energy growing or having sex. The most sensible thing the body can do in such a situation is to use the previously accumulated energy for repair until better times return again. In other words, our body begins to repair itself – even at the cellular level. All gene mechanisms receive a signal to begin a “service inspection” and necessary maintenance of the most important systems. Thanks to this, the body begins to regenerate itself, while losing unnecessary kilograms. At the same time, we provide him with the necessary nutrients, which significantly speeds up this process.

Smoothies and conditioners do their job without causing any harm and, as a result, enhancing a balanced recovery and weight loss process. The effects will be visible faster than we expect.