Candoo Program

Adjust your weight loss to your lifestyle

Candoo Program

If you live in a hurry and do not have time to take care of your body, its weight and appearance - the new, complete Candoo weight loss program is ahead of you.


This is the first method of losing weight that you can adapt to your needs and lifestyle, thanks to which you will lose unnecessary kilograms effortlessly and improve your well-being.


The Candoo program was created by experienced nutritionists and trainers from the Research Team of Adelle Davis, and additionally received a positive opinion from the Pauling Institute.

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How the Candoo Program works

Specialists analyzed the approach of people who are visibly overweight to their body shape, as well as their daily doubts, low self-esteem and difficulties with consistency.


The conclusions and observations were supported by the latest, global research, which resulted in the creation of the Candoo method, which takes into account psychophysical factors and is easy to apply.

Candoo tailored to you

This program is designed for "normal" people who want to go through the weight loss process without frustrating sacrifices and without changing their daily schedule by 180 degrees.

It can be implemented without any preparation.

Its uniqueness lies in gradually introducing you to weight loss, without breaking your habits and the rhythm of life.

Candoo will take care of your concerns

During the weight loss process, we often give up very early, because we are afraid of being excluded from the circle of friends, we are afraid that we will have to spend a lot on food, or we will waste it, that the dishes will be tasteless and we will go hungry.

Candoo addresses all these concerns and provides a viable, safe and effective solution.

Get started with Candoo today

One of the main assumptions of the Candoo Program was the idea that it should not revolutionize your life.

The Candoo Program is a slow but systematic process by which you get used to your new lifestyle and nutrition through a carefully structured diet program.

The longer you use Candoo Program, the easier it is to expand the program by adding new elements.

Healthy and Longer Life

Candoo leads to a balanced, healthier and longer life

The use of a weight loss program helps to introduce eating habits consistent with a healthy lifestyle. Because then both our well-being and figure improve - they become our everyday life.


Such a holistic approach to the body allows for a real life change and improvement of our immunity. It starts with small but thoughtful steps, which in turn can contribute to an improvement in the quality of life.


That is why it is worth taking advantage of Candoo, which helps you live longer in health.


What will you achieve with Candoo?

It is not only a good way to lose weight easily, but also a method that makes us feel better in our own body.


Thanks Candoo:
- you will take care of good mental and physical condition,
- you can still enjoy your favorite dishes,
- you do not have to live under dietary pressure,
- you will achieve the goal without sacrifices,
- you will eat in accordance with the natural mode,
- uzyskasz długoterminowe korzyści – zdrowsze życie.


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